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Navigating the £25bn Gap

Are we as an industry leaving a vast amount of economic potential untapped, simply by adhering to a culture that fails to create a truly equitable and inclusive environment for its talent?

In October 2023, Barrington Hibbert Associates in partnership with Schroders Black Network held an event to mark the launch of Navigating the £25bn gap – Black Employees in Financial Services. Click here to view the event video.

This first of its kind report explores the true cost of the underutilisation of Black professional talent in the UK financial services industry.

The event brought together a panel of financial services professionals to discuss the implications of the report, and how firms can take action to bring about the necessary, impactful and sustainable change.

Cultivating an inclusive and equitable workforce is not just the right thing to do ethically – it also creates serious economic benefits which we simply cannot afford to ignore.

Download the full report here.