The BHA Story

When I was in my early 20s, I spent time in North Carolina after receiving a soccer scholarship to attend University. Being from a ‘nonprofessional background’ I struggled to make ends meet financially, until a local family in Chapel Hill took me in, mentored and supported me.

Upon graduation I was so grateful, I asked the family why they had supported me and how I could repay them back. The answer was surprising but simple - I couldn't pay it back - it was better for me to pay it forward instead.

When I started working in the City almost 20 years ago, I realised how few people with a similar background to mine were also there, and how those of us from non-professional, diverse backgrounds often felt like they did not fit in. When I founded BHA in 2010, I knew that I wanted it to be a call to action, and a means to both transform representation in Financial and Professional Services, whilst also making a positive social impact.

Today our clients range from international investment banks to FTSE 100 multinational organisations, while we also have a dedicated community arm. With every client, we take another step towards more equitable workplaces, while also meeting their wider business needs.


We are a growing team committed to bringing about positive change in the Financial Services world and beyond.

Michael Barrington Hibbert headshot

Michael Barrington Hibbert

Founder and CEO

Sharnette Donacien headshot

Sharnette Donacien

Partner, Leadership & Development

Nneka Opara headshot

Nneka Opara

Head of Content and Communications

Malcolm Horton headshot

Malcolm Horton

Senior Partner, Head of Leadership & Development

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Solomon Animashaun

Partner, Executive Search

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Barrington Hibbert Associates renews partnership with UCL Laws to support socioeconomic diversity in legal profession

As part of an ongoing commitment to tackle socioeconomic diversity in professional and financial services, Barrington Hibbert Associates (BHA) has extended its partnership with the UCL Faculty of Laws to create The Francis Boateng scholarship, a second three-year scholarship that will support an undergraduate student studying LLB Law. Francis Boateng was a participant in the…

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The Livery Awards

Our CEO Michael Barrington-Hibbert was invited to judge the Livery Academy Awards, designed to promote business and entrepreneurial skills among sixth-form pupils. With the quality of the presentations, along with the energy and authenticity of the students taking part stunning everyone in the room, all judges agreed that it was the closest year yet, and…

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