Talent Acquisition

We optimise your biggest competitive advantage: people. Barrington Hibbert Associates’ high standards and bespoke research delivers quality candidates to your business.

1. Meet

We learn who you are and your requirements. To implement an effective search we must understand your company’s philosophy and work environment, enabling us to match personalities and attitudes and ensure a successful placement.

Equally important is assigning the right partner to work with you, ensuring you’ll be working with the person who best understands your business.

We review the skills required, personality type and your other requirements to define the key criteria for our search.

2. Research

Barrington Hibbert Associates emphasis on research means we find candidates who may not be available to other firms. We find the right people regardless of their status: many candidates we recommend were not planning a career change until our initial contact.

You will be sent a weekly progress report – of all candidates we have considered along with brief notes and our comments.

3. Present & Place

Our prospective candidate reports – the number depends on your requirements - is presented either in-person or electronically and includes:

  • Career summary and key characteristics
  • Details of our approach to them and their response
  • Our reasons for recommending the candidate
  • Their suitability for and interest in the role

These proven reports enable you to make fast, accurate decisions on who to approach. Barrington Hibbert Associates facilitates the approach and ensures a smooth, efficient process from initial interview to offer and successful on-boarding.

To confidentially discuss how we can optimise your competitive advantage, please call 020 7712 1567 or email info@barringtonhibbert.com