Practice Areas

Barrington Hibbert Associates focuses on a number of practice areas, each covered by an industry sector specialist researcher who works with our clients and candidates to ensure a perfect fit.

Financial Services

Barrington Hibbert Associates’ Financial Service practice is our most prominent division, working in London, New York, and Dubai. We provide talent acquisition to some of the largest and most successful financial institutions in the world, as well as smaller, specialist firms, regulators and private capital-backed ventures.

We have a track record of building synergistic, long-term relationships with our clients, with whom we maintain a reciprocal trust. These relationships are the cornerstone of ensuring that we source and deliver highly skilled and appropriately matched Banking and Asset Management professionals.

For more information on our Practice Areas and Services, please contact Barrington Hibbert Associates on +44 (0) 203 675 8300.

Global Markets

Our team covers all cash and derivative products; and associated structured, synthetic and securitised products. We deliver a highly specialised and effective service, focusing on management-level, front and back office recruitment.

Asset Management

Barrington Hibbert Associates’ Asset Management service is part of our core business. Our team has developed long-standing commercial partnerships with a select number of industry-leading Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds and Wealth Managers operating across the Global Markets.


Barrington Hibbert Associates’ Infrastructure practice benefits from extensive experience and has an established track record of appointments across Operations, Technology, Finance, and Compliance.

Our specialist market knowledge and in-depth research intelligence ensure we identify candidates that understand the nuances of our clients’ businesses.

Business and Professional Services

Barrington-Hibbert Associates’ Professional Services Practice coordinates talent acquisition for leading businesses.


BHA’s research team gives you access to first-rate emerging talent and leaders in the professional services sector. We commit to learning and researching your company’s ethos before undertaking extensive to match candidates to your needs.

We work with our clients – from FTSE 100 multi-nationals to entrepreneurial firms to VC start-ups – across functions in areas such as finance, information technology, human resources, marketing and investor relations.

BHA’s strategic, bespoke approach to talent acquisition has been carefully developed to ensure a long-term, high-impact relationship with our clients, delivering quality executive talent to fit your specific requirements.

Talk to our expert, Michael Barrington-Hibbert on +44 (0) 203 675 8300.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a fundamental part of Barrington Hibbert Associates’ business. 

We believe in carrying out leadership development can be nurtured long before a candidate enters their new role, and that continual development underpins success.

Management executives

Our leadership practice allows existing management professionals, through HR and diversity policy training, to harness the full potential of their teams.

Future leaders

Barrington Hibbert Associates works extensively with promising young people from diverse backgrounds, offering access to opportunities. For more information on our mentoring, partnering and philanthropic work, please see our BHA Foundation page and our Power of Diversity report.

Interim Management

Even the most successful operational continuity must sometimes depend upon contingency.


People are at the heart of your organisation. Personal circumstances, maternity and paternity leave, relocation, secondment, and a host of other factors require temporary or interim recruitment to ensure that business continues as usual. There are also occasions in which your organisation has to deliver a standalone or auxiliary project that does not require a permanent team member.

For these reasons, Barrington Hibbert Associates offers an Interim Management service, to find the appropriate candidate to meet your requirements on a fixed-term contract basis.

For more information, please call Barrington Hibbert Associates on +44 (0) 203 675 8300.