Our Clients

Barrington Hibbert Associates offers a suite of products tailored to each client’s needs. Our services include Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Advisory Services & Strategic Consultancy, Business Intelligence and Interim Management.

We strive to deliver the best possible candidates for the role, based on the most accurate and up-to-date market intelligence.

Our advisory practice was developed to ensure that once our clients hire an employee, they are integrated and retained within their business. BHA excels in diversity policy advisory, widening the net to allow you to find the highest quality talent to grow your business.

Talent Acquisition

At BHA our track record speaks for itself.

In an evolving market, business growth is becoming increasingly dependent on a representative and diverse workforce. We provide tailored recruitment which goes beyond the traditional search parameters, widening the net to find the best possible candidates for your business.

A proactive not reactive approach.

Rigorous research and personal screening.

Continued support to make sure our candidates are fully integrated into their new role.

Each partner at BHA is a market expert in their respective area, and each takes a methodical, efficient and rigorous approach to meeting and exceeding client needs.

Advisory Services & Strategic Consultancy

In addition to executive search, BHA also offers a number of advisory and strategic consultancy products.

Our strategic advisers work with your organisation to formulate robust and dynamic HR policy, with a focus on integration, leadership development and talent retention.

The Case for Diversity

Baroness McGregor-Smith’s 2016 report also emphasises, “That is the business case as well as the moral case. Diverse organisations that attract and develop individuals from the widest pool of talent consistently perform better.”

Finding appropriate candidates is an important step, but the rates of attrition in mid-tier executives are an on-going and costly problem for businesses. The losses are disproportionately greater among women and BME personnel. Despite the need for a representative work environment, many companies are unsure of how to effect change in their HR policies, and how to foster an inclusive work environment to maximise growth potential. We work with leadership, with particular focus on mentoring programmes, reverse mentoring, and top-down adoption of the changes necessary to influence organisational culture.

These issues are more fully addressed in BHA’s 2017 report, The Power of Diversity.

Our advisory service is specifically tailored to each of our client’s requirements. We offer three levels of consultancy:

  • One-day seminars for HR and for Board-Level Leadership.
  • Comprehensive programmes to improve or implement Diversity Policy in your organisation.
  • A full consultancy service, working with your organisation to define and structure Diversity Policy, integrate new policy into existing HR practices and monitor and develop core capabilities in an evolving market.

Market Intelligence

BHA sources accurate real-time market information to provide you with a range of benchmarks from corporate strategy to competitive intelligence.

We use a variety of research systems and data sources to compile information before collaborating with senior executives to give insight.

BHA’s Market Analysis Projects (MAPs) are tailored for each client to deliver on the objectives and Key Performance Indicators of each business. We also publish extensively on Human Resource and Diversity Policy.

Through our Market Intelligence products, we offer support with:

  • retaining the highest calibre of talent within your organisation
  • building and maintaining competitive advantage through strategic resourcing
  • identifying efficiencies and revenue opportunities through best practice
  • mapping industries relevant to your business