Ania Lichota

Ania Lichota

Ania has worked in sixteen countries in a variety of industries including shipping, construction, retail, commercial and investment banking. She has set-up, grown, restructured and liquidated businesses – in four languages.

She has held positions including Chief Operating Officer, Country Manager, Head of Sales and Executive Director in the corporate world as well as being a board member and a Chair in charitable organisations in London.

The transformation from a shy and reserved woman without a passport in communist Poland to a well-rounded, respected and highly successful international executive has been both dramatic and noticed: Ania won a number of awards for her unique leadership style, and been nominated as a woman of the year in London and Poland.

Ania has literally climbed to the peak – the highest on each continent, including Mount Everest, and has written a well-received, inspiring book, “Why the hell bother?”.

Her passion is to help others to realize their full potential. Ania also does workshops, public speaking engagements on a variety of topics (leadership, inspirational, team work, personal development, female audiences) built around her versatile career and high altitude mountaineering.

In her spare time she runs a charity, which has built a school in Nepal for 226 children.
Contact Ania Lichota directly:

T +44 (0)20 7956 8394


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